MMS at its core is a project and maintenance manager suite which allows both supervisory and field personal access to all information pertaining to each and every wind turbine in the Optinergy fleet.  As turbine needs and issues arise, every event is logged on MMS building up a fault finding and resolution database which is invaluable to technicians while onsite.

The major components and stock items features on MMS further enhances technicians ability to easily trouble shoot turbine issues while on site, while also bolstering the roles of purchasing and inventory in stock monitoring and  replenishing.  These features also catalogues major plant indigenous to every wind turbine a vital feature during the refurbishment phase and major component replacement.

MMS also allows Safety personal to keep up to date records on site and project safety requirements including all necessary employee certification and training records while the time sheet feature used by field personal gives payroll personnel  instant access  to  employee’s work hours.

The myriad of features on MMS allows users from all company departments at every level to access the most recent information on every project pertaining to them in a user friendly and pragmatic software environment.

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